About Us


DAR BLUE was founded in 2011 by experienced blueberry growers from Poland and Croatia, with a goal to provide its global customers with the highest quality early season berries. To achieve this goal Dar Blue conducts sales of both imported fruit and our own domestic production from the blueberry farm in Cazma. The farm in Cazma is one of the most modern agricultural ventures in the region, the establishment of the farm was co-financed by the European Union’s IPARD program.


The blueberry plants are grown in pots, the production is closely monitored, fertigated, and in the future will be completely covered with tunnels. This growing technology allows us to get desired results and excellent fruit quality, due to our ability to monitor and have a greater control over more factors than with conventional cultivation methods. We grow over 80.000 plants on 12 ha. The farm is equipped with a state-of-the-art cooling and packing facility. The facilities will be expanded in 2018, to facilitate our growing production. The varieties that we grow were carefully selected with our clients in mind, with the majority being early season varieties to provide high quality fruit in June. Since the establishment of the farm Dar Blue has been successfully co-operating with all major supermarket chains in Croatia, and will start exporting fruit in the 2017 season.